Inu X Boku SS episode 12 review/full series review :)

Posted: March 30, 2012 by Xana in Inu X Boku SS
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Inu X Boku SS is over, the final of the anime I was reviewing this winter.  It had a very cute ending.  Despite the age difference Ririchiyo and Soushi confess to each other and become an item.  It was nice to see the whole cast in the last episode.  I got my share of Karuta who is my favorite!  Now it is time for me to give Inu X Boku a short full series review.


David Production did a good job with the animation, although it did have its share of shortcuts where the animation looks messy.  The backgrounds were always consistently pretty and well done.  The strongest aspect of the animation was the character designs.  Everyone looked great and all the female characters were really cute.



The characters are a mixed bag, some I loved and some I didn’t.  Ririchiyo and Soushi were not the strongest main characters, but it was really nice to seem them develop over time.  They weren’t bad but I really wish they gave Karuta more screen time.



Inu X Boku’s opening was nothing special but I really loved all of the different endings throughout the series.  They were really able to portray the characters that were singing them.  The voice acting was cast very well, everyone sounded like they should.



The plot is where Inu X Boku suffers; it doesn’t really have much of one.  What takes place is more of a coming of age story for both Ririchiyo and Soushi.  The point of the story was to focus their relationship and overall it was a little boring.


Overall Inu X Boku wasn’t the most interesting of the 2012 winter anime, but it still had some great moments.


Thank you for reading all you lovely and beautiful people 🙂


  1. -blacksheep says:

    haven’t really watched the last 2 episodes but i have to agree with your review as to where i am right now.

    Inu x Boku’s weakst point has got to be its plot. it feels like they tried to give the general plot at the beginning then did fancy character episodes [because the rest of the cast – particularly for me: Karuta, Watanuki && Zange – are really great] and finally make a seemingly huge arc at the end just to make a decent conclusion.

    • Xana says:

      you are completely correct, but it is worth watching the last 2 episodes because they are the most relevant and cute episodes of the series.

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