Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 12 review/full series review

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Xana in Ano Natsu de Matteru
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Way to go Ano Natsu, what a great ending.  Ano Natsu pushed itself into my #3 of the best anime of winter 2012.  I loved that Remon was actually part of the Men in Black; I wasn’t expecting that to ever happen.  In conclusion Ichika had to go back to her home planet but not after she touched the hearts of her friends.  I like to think that someday Kai will be able to see her again.  It is time now for me to do a quick full series review of Ano Natsu de Matteru.


J.C Staff is behind the animation, they are no P.A. Works (like Another) but this may be one of J.C. Staff’s best efforts.  The animation is very clear and very detailed at times.  The character design is strong making the characters all feel very alive.



I personally didn’t like Ano Natsu’s opening or ending very much; they were pretty typical and forgetful.  The voice actors all did a fine job.  I especially loved Remon’s voice actor.  She conveyed Remon’s weirdness perfectly.



I found myself loving most of the characters but found Kai and Ichika, the leads of the show to be disappointing.  I wanted more Kanna, I wanted more Tetsuro, and I wanted more Mio.  They were the characters that were really able to pour out their hearts throughout the show.  They were the characters I was routing for the whole time, I wanted Mio and Tetsuro to be together and Kai and Kanna to get together.  When Kai and Ichika’s relationship was taking place all I wanted were the other characters to come and make it better.



The romance was the heart and soul of this series for better or for worse.  I liked certain aspects of it and not others.  I know this show was supposed to be about aliens, but I found myself enjoying the series much better when Ano Natsu was focusing more on the human side of things.  The show was passed well and I never found myself bored, which is always a plus.


Overall Ano Natsu was a fun romantic series.  You should watch it if your looking for a fun and simple romantic comedy.  Unfortunately the side characters are a lot better then the leads.


Ano Natsu got the same score as Another, but based on personal enjoyment I like Another better, but they are both great anime to watch.

  1. “I found myself loving most of the characters but found Kai and Ichika, the leads of the show to be disappointing.” < This

    I'd give the overall score more than 8. I don't really care much about Ichika and Kai so yeah… It's one of the biggest mistake the scriptwriter have ever made. If they made them to real main focus of the show and if they actually made them more likable I think it will get a better score.

    • Xana says:

      i 100% agree that the script writers should have made them more likable! The the show could have been something really special.

  2. Robert Tene says:

    Out of all the anime this season this one had the best ending. I expected it to be a sad ED, I guess I was wrong.

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