Another episode 12 review/full series review

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)
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Well Another is over, at least until May when episode 0 comes out.  Hopefully it will tie up a couple of the loose ends.  Overall episode 12 was not a disappointment.  It was violent, action packed and able to sum up the story properly.  I wasn’t surprised with the ending because Rei from Wan Abrar was able to predict it properly.  Reiko was in fact the “other person” and it makes perfect sense.  Only class 3-3 had an extra teacher.  I was impressed that Koichi had it in him to kill his aunt with a pic ax it was pretty crazy.  Well it is now time for me to do what I did for Black Rock Shooter and give Another a quick full series review.


P.A. Works knows what they are doing when it comes to animation.  Their attention to details is spectacular.  Another has some of the most realistic looking backgrounds I have ever seen.  Another’s character were also great, especially the leads who are al very attractive.



One problem with Another is at some points it is hard to figure out who is who.  Random characters are thrown at you and you really have no time to get to know them before they are killed off.  Another problem is the characters are never developed well.  You never get to know much about them, and I never felt upset when the characters are killed off.



I personally didn’t like Another’s opening and ending themes, they could have done better.  P.A. works probably spent all their budget money on animation and had nothing left for the openings.  On a different note Another’s background music did a great job portraying the mood of the anime.  Sometimes I felt scared during the anime just because of the background music. The voice actors also did a great job with their parts.


Another has very slow pacing until the end where it is a complete shit show.  I personally liked the slow pace, it reminded me a lot of Shiki, but others could get bored.  Overall Another has an interesting plot but sometimes it isn’t executed well.  It can be confusing at times but overall it is a strong story.  There are some plot holes but hopefully they will be explained in episode 0.


Overall Another is a bloody anime with elements of horror.  It can be confusing at times and it does have plot holes but overall I recommend watching if not just for the beautiful animation.


  1. Robert Tene says:

    Thing is there had to be alot of blood. And.. alot of blood means more characters. You can’t expect them to focus on the character development of some random classmates. But then again, you’re right about not giving a damn when someone dies.Good job on pointing that out.
    Aside from the nurse and Akazawa I didn’t feel sad when someone dyed.

    The character development was however done pretty good on the protagonist and other side characters such as Teshigawara and Mochizuki.

  2. It’s quite good. Because of the ending. If it wasn’t for the good ending, I don’t think the anime deserve such a good score. I agree with the character part but I kinda of disagree with the background music part, at first few episode of the show they were able to use the background music quite well but in in the middle and most of the end, the background music doesn’t really work well for me, it’s misplaced and stuff that makes the mood all gone. Overall it wasn’t really that bad, animation was amazing and I definitely liked a few characters in the show.

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