Black Rock Shooter episode 8 review/full series thoughts

Posted: March 24, 2012 by Xana in Uncategorized
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Black Rock Shooter is finally over; it has a predictable happy ending.  I am happy that they didn’t skimp on the action, and it was probably the best episode visually.  All the girls are now friends again and now they can all be emotional together forever.  I am now going to quickly tell you my thought of the series overall.


Overall Black Rock Shooters animation is amazing; it is very original and lively.  There are a few moments where the animation is a little lackluster but the amazing action scenes more than make up for it.  The character designs are amazing, especially the girls in the “other world.”  The “other world” is like nothing else, and it is originally what drew me in to the series.



Black Rock Shooters characters are ok, but this whole friendship thing took away from their overall appeal.  They were all a little to winy for my taste.  They had way to many problems for middle school girls.



Well, the music within Black Rock Shooter was good, I love Hatsune Miku and she does the theme.  Well the show is based off of one of her songs.  The voice acting was okay; the characters acted their roles well.



The plot is the weakest part of this series.  It was fairly hard to understand and it was very rushed.  It really made a series that could have been good, not very good.


Overall Black Rock Shooter was a disappointment.  It could have been something great but the winy characters and the crappy plot really brought it down.


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