Another episode 11 review

Posted: March 21, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)
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Episode 11 of Another was by far the bloodiest of them all.  So many people are dead.  There was nothing but misunderstandings; everyone now thinks that Mei is the dead one.  One of the girls says she went to school with Mei when she was younger and she had no eye patch.  She had gone to school with Mei’s twin sister, which no one else knows about.  In conclusions the characters are trying to kill themselves over nothing at all.

At this point I think the best conclusion would be if Akazawa were the dead one.  It would be so funny if the head of countermeasures turns out to be the dead, then everything would be her fault.  Next Monday is the final episode of Another (except for an OVA) so we should find out who tis actually dead.  I hope at least a couple of characters will survive; they really went on a killing rampage this episode.  I don’t have much more to say, I can’t wait till Monday, we are going to get some answers.


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  1. It’s really stupid why everyone thinks Mei is the dead one. I guess they are freaking desperate not to get themselves killed. They should just ignore it and go and sleep or something.

    I think I know who the dead one is. And I hope i’m right because if my guess is wrong, i’d be really disappointed. xD

  2. Xana says:

    haha yah they should go to sleep, who do you think the dead one is?

    • I’d say the Girl. The teacher. She is related to the old class 3 and she might just be the cause why this calamity keeps continuing. Well that is a guess. A further explanation would be too long. I have to many theories btw xD

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