Nisemonogatari episode 11 review

Posted: March 20, 2012 by Xana in Nisemonogatari

This is really late because I am lazy and have schoolwork.  Nisemonogatari episode 11, the end of the Phoenix arc was a great episode.  The episode doesn’t skip on having a great ending to the arc, violent, bloody and fast.  It was cool to see Shinobu drink some of Araragi’s blood and power up into teenage mode.  She destroyed that little girl so fast!  Araragi really takes a beating because he isn’t interested in fighting.  I was not expecting all the blood, may have been the bloodiest episode of the franchise.

Araragi comes to terms that despite his sister being a nisemono he still will love and treat her the same as he always has.  I’m not sure if I like Senjougahara with short hair, I Don’t Like Change! Ohh well she still looks great.  We have 2 episodes left in the series.  Maybe they will have something to do with Senjougahara and Tsubasa, they were both pretty secretive in the first arc of the series.  I think I saw somewhere that the arc may be called the Tsubasa Tiger but don’t quote me on it.

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  1. It’s interesting that in the end there was this to be continue image. So there is probably a new nisemonogatari or a new monogatari coming up soon. I can’t wait for it and of course Kizumonogatari 😀

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