Another episode 10

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)
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Damn Izumi Akazawa, way to be a bitch.  She had no right to blame everything Misaki.  Well, we find out some important news this week, Misaki had a twin. (who probably was the first person to die from the curse)  Everyone thinks it is Misaki’s fault for talking to Koichi but the curse probably started before Koichi even joined the class.  Well I don’t have to worry, I bet Akazawa will get what she disserves.

The tape from last episode got fixed and it states the obvious.  One way to stop the curse is to kill someone who is already dead.  That is how Katsumi Matsunaga had stopped the curse in 1983, he got into a fight with the dead student and by mistake a branch impaled him.  When he tried to tell the rest of his students about what he had done, no one had any memory about the dead student.

At the end of the episode we found out that Naoya Teshigawara probably had killed another student. (Way to interrupt when Misaki was about to tell us who was dead)  I wonder it will be a bloodbath next episode.  I hope at least some members of class 3-3 will survive; we only have 2 episodes left to go.

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