Week of March 5th anime review, ano natsu/inu x boku/black rock shooter

Posted: March 10, 2012 by Xana in Ano Natsu de Matteru, Black Rock Shooter, Inu X Boku SS

I am going to cheat quickly again and review episode 9 of Anu Natsu, episode 9 of Inu X Boku, and episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter all in one quick post.  After this post I am going back to episodic reviews.  I think I took too much on with reviewing 5 series a week; I’m not going to do that again haha.

Ano Natsu was dumb this week.  Pretty much Kai accepts Ichika for being an alien.  They say some dumb and cheesy things and then they kiss a lot.  This is a great example of why this winter season of anime sucks, ugh; next season had better be less crappy.  It looks like Mio is going to be the one left out because Tetsuro comes to her side when she is crying about Kai loving Ichika.  She keeps saying she loves Kai, love is a pretty strong word to be throwing out about someone you haven’t even dates.  Girllll you know nothing about love.

There was one good thing about Inu X Boku SS and that is next weeks episode will have Kagerou!!!  I found him funny the first time, hopefully he won’t get on my nerves when he spewing his masochist/sadist bullshit.  I don’t understand why this episode was dragged out so much, I wish Ririchiyo and Soushi could just drink their coffee together.  The thing is I bet the whole coffee tea thing will be dragged out until the end of the series, dumb.

Please don’t ask me what happened in episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter, I have no idea.  There was a lot of awesome action though J.  I think they may have developed the plot a little further but I don’t understand it. There are only two episodes left now which is unfortunate because I do like the series, but it feels so rushed.  Could they only get a budget for 8 episodes?  The series would have probably been better off continuing from the point the OVA left off instead of trying to retell the story.

Well thanks for reading, and thank you tumblr for making my life easy.


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