Nisemonogatari episode 9 review

Posted: March 10, 2012 by Xana in Nisemonogatari
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(goodbye hair)

Midterms over!!! So now its time to do some backlog anime reviews.  So episode 2 of the Tsukihi Phoenix arc had no Tsukihi.  Most of the episode revolved around Karen and Araragi, all pretty straight forward.  I wonder how its possible for someone to cut off their hair with a key, well if anyone can do it, it would be Karen with her insane strength.

It was really funny when Shinobu tripped Araragi when he was sneaking up on Hachikugi, maybe some jealously there.  Araragi and Hachikugi dialogue is really fun to listen to, second only to Araragi and Senjougahra.  There are also 2 new characters, Yotsugi Ononoki and Yozuru Kagenui, I hope they will be interesting in the future.

Thank you for reading, all the new episode airing from now on will have full reviews I promise, not these pathetic short things I have been doing.



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