Another episode 9 review

Posted: March 7, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)
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Midterms are almost over, doesn’t mean I’m any less busy.  Another episode 9 was a good one.  We find out that Nakoa (I guess that was his name) probably was already dead before the boat ever hit him.  They speculate he fell down the stairs earlier that day and because he didn’t go to the hospital and he suffered probably some kind of brain trauma.  That means the curse likely won’t affect the students outside the town limits.

I would kill Teshigawara if I were apart of class 3-3.  How do you break a tape?  He could have saved the whole class.  Why were the rest of the kids so calm after the tape broke…this show is so unbelievable.  No one would be acting so calm.

They killed off some no name characters again.  What I really need is a character guide for this series.  There are some many underdeveloped characters, which have no names.  I can’t keep them all straight.  Some girl I think we saw once dies, also some kid we saw for the first time died.  Am I supposed to care, because I don’t.  Maybe if they killed off one of the important character it would be a different story.

Thanks for reading, I know its short.  Check out my new review on Wan Abrar in the link below.



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