It was midterm week at school so I am pretty far behind on my episodic reviews. I am also now writing for so all my time this week spent on reviews was for them.  Today I will be reviewing Another episode 8, Ano Natsu episode 8, Inu X Boku episode 8 and Black Rock Shooter episode 5 all in one post.

(its a watermelon)

It was a relaxing episode of Another this week and also the beach episode.  Some of the characters went to the beach in search of Katsumi Matsunaga the only man successful of stopping the curse many years ago.  The episode really focused on character just having fun.  It was nice to see everyone having a little bit of fun for once, well until the end.  They killed of some nameless character just for some shock value at the end.  It was really funny how the episode kept setting up for character death, but they never happened until the end.

Ano Natsu de Matteru finally had some alien revelation in episode 8.  Some alien thing came out of the sky to try to take Ichika home.  Guess what, Kai goes after it with a stick shouting something about protecting the one he loves.  It was cheesy and really attacks an alien thingy with a stick, good luck.  On a side note Tetsurō and Mio kiss by accident, it was cute I hope they stay together.

Episode 8 of Inu X Boku SS was rather dull.  Nothing much happened.  The whole episode was spent with Ririchiyo trying to ask Soushi out for tea.  It is finally revealed that Soushi is not able to do anything but serve others…Yawn.  Give me more Karuta and give me more Kagerou.

Black Rock Shooter episode 5 was pretty interesting.  There was a lot more action then they episode before which was a nice change.  I am pretty confused on the overall plot of this series but I love the flashy action scenes.  The big revelation is if Yuu is really alive or just part of Mato’s imagination.

Thank for reading this review, I promise next week I will get back to the episodic reviews.



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