Black Rock Shooter 4

Posted: March 4, 2012 by Xana in Black Rock Shooter
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Sorry its really late

When did Black Rock Shooter become such an angst-ridden pre-teen girl drama?  It is almost unbearable to watch at some points and there is much too much melodrama.  I want to see more action, more of this artsy action packed “alternate” world, which has been pushed to the side.  On that subject is it just me or has the alternate world started to loose its charm?  The overall animation quality looks worse than it did in the first couple episodes.

Saya is really messing with these poor girls.  I wonder what she has to do with the “alternate world.”  She said that no one needs Yomi, it really messed with her head.  She needs to stop putting drugs in the girl’s drinks; it’s making everything worse.    Well Kagari seems like she has turned around nicely except for the fact that she is a complete bitch.  She was able to make her own friends, which led her to leave Yomi behind.

After episode 4 I find myself hating Yomi.  She needs to toughen up.  Maybe Mato should pay more attention to her but it is in no way her fault.  I would never expect my friends to only want me as their friend.  She is being way to jealous and she needs to learn to be less self-centered and think about others for a change.

Well that’s episode 4 for you.  I hope there will be some kind of action packed showdown in episode 5.  Until next week thanks for reading.


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