Nisemonogatari episode 8 review

Posted: February 27, 2012 by Xana in Nisemonogatari
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Midterms are here, meaning I have tons of work so this review is going to be short and too the point.  Nisemonogatari, episodes 8 made me feel dirty.  I think this series can now be classified as Ecchi, maybe even beyond that.  Episode 8 was borderline incest, and it makes me much to unconformable to talk about.  Why did the toothbrush scene have to be with Karen… This series is creepy, and I hate to say that I love it; I have loved every second of it so far.  Maybe what happened was just a bonding experience between Araragi and Karen that will bring them closer together. Lets just hope.

(ohh no here it goes)

So why does Karen want to meet Kanbaru so much and why is she the head of her fan club.  Is there a reason beyond the fan club, maybe, but I bet Karen likes her so much because they have very similar personalities.

Thank God for Tsukihi showing up for when she did.  Bad, bad things were probably going to happen.  If you don’t know what I mean by bad things, go watch this episode but make sure you’re alone…  Well on a less creepy note the new opening theme was great!


Thanks for reading!


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