What a bloody mess class 3-3 has turned into.  As a whole they are starting to become frantic, will it bring out the worst in them, only time will tell.  I wish you luck class 3-3, I believe you can stop the curse and find the one who is actually dead.

What a way to start off the episode with Mr. Kubodera committing suicide in front of the entire class 3-3 and damn, it was bloody.  He took a knife and continually drove it into is neck until he was dead and the class was covered in his blood.  The look of terror on the students in the class was horrifying.  The animators did a good job with portraying horror within the eyes and the mouths of the characters.  The students looked truly terrified.

It looks like both Koichi and Mei will no longer be ignored.  The countermeasures have failed; the members of class 3-3 are screwed, or are they?  It looks like one of the former class 3-3 found away to stop the curse mid-year.  One of the students of class 3-3 told his sister about the curse.  She did some snooping around and got some information out of a town drunk who was a former member of class 3-3.  He said he had been to one to save the class midyear.  He could no longer recall what he had done.  All that is known is that class 3-3 of that year had visited a specific shrine that year and then the death of the students stopped.

So the students are going on vacation next week, and by the previews it’s going to be a beach episode…  From what I have seen of Another I highly doubt that this episode fill turn into a fan-service-fest but I always worry when it comes to the beach, it brings out the worst in anime.  The students are going on this vacation in hopes they can stop the curse and try to recreate whatever the town drunk had done.  The class is counting on the members of the class all showing up on the trip.  Certain members of the class have left the town and gone into hiding.  I would probably be on of those kids if I was a member of class 3-3, the whole curse shit would freak me out.

Who is dead?  That’s the big question.  Mei in episode 7 confirms that Koichi is no longer a suspect.  Can we believe her?  I have no idea.  I am now suspicious that Mei could be the dead one because she is so sure it isn’t Koichi.  This ether means she knows who the extra student in the class is or it is in fact herself.

I don’t understand why the student would immediately go back to school after their teacher has just murdered himself in front of the whole class.  That is a traumatizing experience.  I would expect the student to get at least a little time off from school.  Why are their no therapists, I know if this event had taken place in my junior high school I would be fucked up in the head afterwards but instead it seems like Koichi and the others go on as if nothing has happened.

Episode 7 was a blood but good episode; probably the best we have seen so far.  I can’t wait to see what happens next week.  Hopefully class 3-3 can figure out how to stop this curse as soon as possible. Who do you think is the member of class 3-3 that is actually dead?  Leave a comment underneath, I am interested who others think it is.

Thank you for reading, Sincerely yours, Xana 🙂


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