Ga-rei: Zero anime review by Lykos

Posted: February 19, 2012 by Xana in Ga-rei: Zero

(I’m intrigued.)

Synopsis: This anime was brought to us by Anime International Company, who also did T.V series such as Blue Gender, Ah! My Goddess, Gun Sword, SoltyRei, Bamboo Blade, and Strike Witches 2. Ga-Rei: Zero is about The Japanese Ministry of Defense’s anti-paranormal squadron who are charged with protecting the public from evil supernatural spirits/demons that disrupt the order of things.

*This review will most definitely contain SPOILERS*

Review: The reason I chose to watch Ga-Rei: Zero is truthfully because it was only twelve episodes, and I wanted a show that I could just kind of breeze through for fun, and because it seemed like a decent action anime. Before watching it I read nothing about it, not a single review, I don’t like to start watching something with pre-conceived notions. Also, the way, in which I watched this series was odd, I started it about two months ago, watched about five episodes, then just stopped. Then about a week ago I just decided that I should finish it, and watched the remaining six episodes in two days. Not the most consistent way to watch a show, I admit.

(OHHH SHIT! Things are not looking so good for Yomi.)

The beginning of the very first episode can be a bit misleading, it makes the show look like it’s going to be a very stereotypical action shonen series, complete with an overly powerful big bad. So we first meet a team of exorcists who work for the government fighting evil spirits to protect the public. The audience is tricked into thinking that this team will be the main characters that we will be getting to know throughout the series, WRONG! They are all brutally eliminated in the first episode by a traitor to the organization, a girl by the name of Yomi. This brings me to one of my favorite aspects of the show, the story is told from the perspective of the killer, Yomi.

After Yomi kills this team, in the second episode we see her fighting a girl by the name of Kagura. Due to the fact that this is only the second episode there is very little that the audience knows about these two characters, but simply from the dialog it is exceedingly obvious that they have a strong past. Truthfully when I was watching this episode I was disappointed because I felt forced to feel for these characters even though I knew virtually nothing about them. This feeling of frustration was immediately mitigated because the next episode is a flashback episode; in fact all the episodes until partially through episode 10 are back-story.

(Our two leading ladies.)

I found these flash back episodes to be effective at creating a connection between the characters and me. The more I watched the more devastated I was knowing what Yomi’s fate was going to be. The character development was effective, not only for our two protagonists, Yomi and Kagura, but also for the supporting cast. Though, actually, perhaps the reason that I stopped watching mid series was because these flashback episodes do get a bit sappy, and Kagura cries far too many times through out these episodes. Truthfully there were a time or two where I wanted to slap Kagura and tell her buck up, and stop being a pansy ass.

The animation was very well done; the numerous fight scenes were well choreographed. There are some very cool fight scenes that include a motorcycle, which were particularly fun to watch. These scenes are also incredibly violent and bloody, which, not going to lie, is my bread and butter.

(I’m feeling some of that awkward girl on girl action coming on…)

Warning: There are full on boobs, and awkward girl on girl action that takes place between two girls who consider them self’s sisters. That is all.

When this show is full of bloody violent fun it is really very good, though it does slow down towards the middle, if you can push through these couple of episodes you are rewarded by a great, emotional, and action packed end to the series. Giving shows number values is incredibly hard for me, but I would have to give Ga- Rei: Zero a 7.5/10.

(Lets do this)

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    wow your blog is soo cool, finally an Anime blog that doesnt suck! Keep it up

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