Hmmm Karuta is a space cadet isn’t she?  She is constantly in her own world but is also able to observe what is going on in the real world most of the time.  Episode 6 of Inu X Boku SS focuses on Karuta and her relationship with both Banri and Ririchiyo instead or the normal Ririchiyo and Soushi relationship.

Karuta was extremely adorable throughout the episode much more so than Ririchiyo is, and it’s to bad her classmates think she is weird.  Episode 6 proves that she is a very caring person who is just reserved.  I’m happy she has Banri to stick up for her; I hope they end up together as a couple in the end.  It’s nice to see that Ririchiyo is able to open up to someone besides Soushi.  She is able to get over her pride and give Karuta some food and in return Karuta saves her from a water demon that attacks her.

I am upset that again there was an alternate ending theme that wasn’t translated.  I don’t want to have to buy the anime from Sentai just to see the translated version. I really should be reviewing this show every couple of week because I don’t have too much to say about it.  Overall the episode was good, a little slow but Karuta made up for it.  I probably would prefer the series if it focused on her instead of Ririchiyo.  I look forward to next week episode; I hope Kagerou will be back with his crazy humor.

Thanks for reading, I’m sorry it was so short.

Sincerely your Xana!


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