Black Rock Shooter ep 3 review “Tears I Fought Back Are About To Flow”

Posted: February 17, 2012 by Xana in Black Rock Shooter
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Creepy, that Saya character is messed up; there are some alternate motives at work here.  Episode three of Black Rock Shooter wasn’t a particularly good episode, but it wasn’t terrible.  Barely any of the episode took place within the alternate world, but instead focused more on drama within Mato’s school.

Wow, what cruel and jealous people go to Mato’s middle school.  First of all Yomi looks like she will become a control freak, she is really upset over the fact that Mato has a best friend that isn’t her.  Mato and Yuu have been friends since kindergarten, does she expect that she is going to be Mato’s best friend within such a short time Anyway she has Kagari as a best friend.  On that subject it seems Kagari is no longer crazy, she has made a full recovery and is walking again.  From what it looks like she is going to be a lot more of a friendly girl, to my dismay, she was a super creeper.

I can’t believe what they did to Arata who is the captain of the basketball team.  She confesses to a boy she likes buy writing a love letter and buying him a gift.  The boys and his friends post the love letter on the bulletin board for the whole school to see.  It now looks like Arata will become the newest character to be possessed in the alternate world.

There is something up with the student counselor named Saya, there were three out of place things I noticed in episode 3.  First she has a class roster with certain girls including Yomi and Mato circled.  This really wouldn’t have meant anything to me if the following events didn’t happened.  Saya keeps trying to get Yomi to come talk to her in the counselor’s office.  When Yomi asks for coffee with lots sugar she gives her black coffee on purpose, weird.  The last and strangest thing that happened was right after Arata love letter was put on the bulletin board.  She starts saying very cruel things to her like, the whole school is laughing at you.  This throws Arata over the edge and later that day she falls over in pain and becomes unconscious.

I wonder what episode four will bring.  Mato has been having dreams of the alternate world, I wonder if she will be thrown into that world next episode.  The anime series is a definite improvement on the OVA, which I did enjoy.  What the show is lacking for me is how are the writers going to tie the real world and the alternate world together.  The OVA was rather vague in that aspect, I hope they can change it around and give some real meaning to this alternate world.

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