Another ep 6 Face to Face

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)
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Another episode 6 had the shock value the last episode lacked.  The show continues to be slow pace but this episode was an improvement on the last one.  I have a strange relationship with the series, it seems like one episode I am complaining about the series and the next episode I am praising it.

(I’m sorry)

Well the first important thing we learn is that Mei was completely fine with being the member of the class who is isolated.  She is very selfless, and she gave up her life in order to save the life of her classmates.  The students of class 3-3 almost had a year where the deaths didn’t happen.  They had the exact class count until Koichi joined the class.  The big question is that what member of class 3-3 is the one who is actually dead.  I speculate that there is a small chance that Koichi is that guy.  His father calls him and says something interesting; he asked how he liked living in Yomiyama for the first time in a couple years.  Koichi had no recollection that he ever lived in this town.  Mei also has a special eye, which makes her able to see which member of the class is dead.  She refuses to tell Koichi who it is.

(Yes they have)

Its sad how Mei’s mom treats her.  She says she is only another one of her dolls.  It would completely suck to be all alone in life so I am happy that Mei and Koichi have found each other.  Koichi was pretty funny when he was daydreaming throughout the episode.  The dance scene was hilarious and Mei was adorable.  To bad it was just his daydream.

(That was cute)

Well that ending was pretty crazy; Mr. Kubodera brought a knife to class.  The preview for the next episode showed blood.  This leads me to two conclusions, ether Mr. Kubodera is going to go after another member of the class, or more likely is about to commit suicide.  The beginning of the next episode is going to be insane, I can’t wait.

(What’s going to happen)

Thank you for reading, Sincerely your Xana.  Thank you to Lacey for reading over all my posts

  1. Joie says:

    Hey, I have just watched the 10th episode of Another. I think I could get a heart attack if I can’t talk about this with other people (my friends are not great anime fans so they couldn’t relate about what I’m experiencing, but I think you can. haha)

    I have three people in my mind on who is the extra (dead) person [ranked accordingly]:
    1. Akazawa (countermeasures head) – because she is way too suspicious on how she is really devoted on preventing the curse. It’s like making herself the head of countermeasures makes her the least suspicious of being the dead one. I also don’t like her. hehehe
    2. The woman secondary homeroom adviser (forgot her name) – she was the homeroom adviser of class 3-3 two years before (correct me if I’m wrong), and she had “survived” the curse that year. I think she really didn’t survive but the memory of the town got altered (her memory too).
    3. Koichi’s aunt – (although not probably anymore, since she was not on the camp). She had a lot of headaches and her memory is blurry everytime the thing about the curse is discussed.

    So, how about you? Who do you think the dead one is? 🙂

    p.s I really find Mei peculiarly beautiful. Her face is very addicting. Well, I think this just show how forever-alone-guy I am. hahaha.

    • Xana says:

      I’m not sure if you know this but the the secondary homeroom teacher is the same person as Koichi’s aunt. Her name is Reiko Mikami, I never thought of her being the dead one, but now that I think about it she certainly could be. I also don’t like Akazawa, she was really mean in the 10th episode to Mei, but I have a feeling that she is not the dead one. I still think there is a chance that its ether Koichi or Mei, but i’m not sure. Koichi has some memory issues, he doesn’t remember ever living in Yomiyama which worries me. ALso Mei is so sure that Koichi is the dead one, maybe that means she in-fact is dead.
      DId you get a good look at the missing picture they revealed in episode 10? The extra really looks like Koichi.
      Next week will probably reveal who is dead, I was so upset when Mei got interrupted when she was about to say who it was.

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