Ano Natsu de Matteru ep 6 review “You Got A Rival”

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Xana in Ano Natsu de Matteru


So its 1 in the morning on Valentines Day, my roommate is starting off the festivities early, so I am locked out of my room.  Well what great way to spend my time on the couch then watching the brand-new wonderful beach episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru.  It seems like the episode got leaked early so instead of waiting for the proper release on Crunchyroll I watched it in crappy quality on some website.

(The new girls)

I will start off by saying this episode was the best so far.  This series has turned into a great little unrealistic romantic comedy.  Forget this idea of Ichika being an alien it doesn’t matter.  We get to experience the likes of 2 brand new characters, Kaori who is Kai’s future fiancé (well by her terms) and Arisawa a hyperactive girl who is in love with Tetsuro.  As you can guess Ichika, Mio and Kanna become very jealous of these new girls, which add to the drama.  Well I should start at the beginning of the episode so I can explain how we got into this mess.


Manami, Tetsuro’s older sister had tickets to Okinawa but her high school friends blew her off.  She gives the tickets to Tetsuro so he can go on vacation with all his friends.  It looks like none of the cast’s parents care about their children so they all go to Okinawa together.  The cast ranges from the age of 16-18 years old, what Japanese parent’s lets their kids go alone with members of the opposite sex to a place far away?  There are no guardians, for all the parents know they could be participating in massive orgies that will lead to teenage pregnancy or getting shit-faced like they already did in episode 2 off of Remon’s special drink.  When I was that age a couple years ago I couldn’t even have a girl in my room alone let alone go on vacation with some.


I’m happy that both Mio and Ichika are able to make moves on the men they like, but Kanna is left behind.  Kai goes for a walk with his friend form middle school Kaori, who he gets reunited with when they get to Okinawa.  Kaori has loved Kai since they were both little.  (Kai is such a stud for looking so nerdy)  Kaori bring Kai in the woods to confess to him, and Ichika and Kanna chase after.  Kanna gets lost while Ichika is able to find them in time for when Kaori confesses at the end of the episode.  Throughout the episode Arisawa is smothering Tetsuro and she even tries to get on top of him.  Luckily for the first time in the series Mio shows her love for Tetsuro and comes to his rescue.

(Kai should date her because Kanna is a bitch and Ichika is dumb)

Unfortunately this being a beach episode it took every chance it could to show off the female characters girly parts.  Ichika being an “alien” she doesn’t have a bathing suite and has borrow Kai’s sisters.  That’s the excuse the show gives for her wearing such slutty clothing.  I am really starting to like this show because it’s a lot of fun, despite the fan service. I look forward to next week’s episode.

Thanks for reading! Thank you Lacey for being my editor! Pictures are from official facebook of Ano Natsu de Matteru


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