10 creepers of anime

Posted: February 13, 2012 by Xana in Top 10s

I am only 19, so I am in no way thinking about having kids right now.  Someday in the distance future I plan on having them.  Today I want to countdown 10 anime creepers I in no way would want my children to ever come in contact with.  I know anime characters are not real, but let me have my fun.  There are some minor spoilers so is you see an anime you don’t want spoiled, skip it.

Number 10 Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki

Yuno being on here may be a little premature.  Future Diary has only aired 17 of its 24 episodes so far.  Yuno, in an unhealthy sick manner is obsessed with the protagonist of Mirai Nikki, Yukiteru.  She will kill anyone who she feels threatens him and she is willing to sacrifice her friends.

Number 9 Ladd Russo from Baccono!

Ladd is one of those guys that made Baccono! bloody and brilliant.  He becomes excited at the thought of violence, so much that he dances in the blood of his fallen enemies.  He has a girlfriend in whom I guess he loves, he always talks about how eventually he will kill her slowly.

Number 8 Atsumu Matsuyuki from Ano Hana

Atsumu is condescending and hateful.  The death of Menma preceding the anime screwed him up mentally.  He still loves the dead Menma and he keeps a sundress similar to what she used to wear in his closet.  He takes pleasure in cross-dressing so his appearance is the same has his dead friends.  He tries to trick his friends that he is the spirit of the dead Menma.

Number 7 Freeza from Dragon Ball Z

I have never called myself a DBZ fan, it’s not my thing.  I never watched it as a child and I can’t ever see myself getting into it.  What the show did well was create one of the scariest “things” I have ever seen, Freeza.  What the hell is he/she, and its post medapose voice…enough said.

Number 6 Bandersnatch from Mardock Scramble

Bandersnatch, isn’t one by 5 of the scariest most unstable characters I have ever seen.  This group consists of 5 assassins, Medium the Fingernail, Rare the Hair, Mincemeat the Wink, Fresh the Pike, and last but not least Welldone the Pussyhand…  If you can’t tell by their names, they collect body parts and in some cases sow them onto themselves. Seriously, these five villains are the things of nightmares.

Number 5 Kamon Nandaba otherwise known as the father from FLCL

Kamon is a huge pervert and he goes around doing whatever he wants.  He is obsessed with fooly cooly.  He is constantly hitting on Haruko Haruhara and starts a rivalry with his 12-year-old son over who is going to get into her pants.

Number 4 Sister from Arakawa Under the Bridge

I love you Sister but you’re an unstable masochist who carries around dangerous firearms. On top of this you dress yourself in a nun’s outfit and hold seconds-long Mass that ends with you shooting your weapons.  I know you’re an illegal immigrant from England but there is a law against civilians carrying guns in Japan.

Number 3 Brock From Pokémon

He is a pedophile in the making.  He hits on any girl who moves, no matter what their age or who they are.  What parent would let their child travel with this eye-less fellow, I am talking to you parents of Ash, Misty, May and Dawn.  Well a guy named Cilan has now replaced him, you don’t have to be worried anymore.

Number 2 Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist

I hate this man more than anyone else in anime.  He became famous because he was able to produce a chimera capable of human speech by using his own wife in the experiment.  He then turns his adorable daughter and his dog into a chimera so he can keep his job as a state alchemist.

Number 1 Kimura from Azumanga Daioh

How the hell did this guy get a job in a high school?  Kimura is the creepy-perverted classic Japanese teacher who likes high school girls.  He openly admits the reason he is a teacher is to observe underage girls.  He constantly stares at the characters when they have PE in the pool.

Thanks for reading! Tell me who you think are the biggest creepers in anime!


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