Nisemonogatari ep 6 Karen Bee part 6

Posted: February 12, 2012 by Xana in Nisemonogatari
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(You want those lips?)

When it comes to Nisemonogatari I can only describe myself as a huge fan-boy.  I love every aspect of this anime, from its amazing visuals to it unique sense of humor and I have never found myself bored by it.  I found myself overly upset when I read a poll on Crunchyroll, straight from Japan’s, that listed the top 10 most boring winter 2012 anime.  It was based on 4,798 votes (not very many) and Nisemonogatari got the 5th most boring anime.  What is that even supposed to mean, “Boring Anime” this list lost all its credibility.  Just because Nisemonogatari is so popular don’t hate and vote it down you damn hipsters.  I’m sorry I will actually get to the review; inner fan-boy was speaking there.

(to bad the electric pencil sharpener broke)

There isn’t much to say about the sixth episode of Nisemonogatari.  It was amazing just like all the other episodes even though not very much happened.  Instead the episode was more of a conflict-building episode.  I predict that some big events are going to go down in episode 7.

Thank you episode 6 for not showing a possible incest scene.  Episode 5 ended with Araragi about to kiss his sister Karen, to remove the poison for her body (or that’s what Araragi claims.)  Instead of the episode showing this, Araragi just explained that he was able to ingest half of Karen’s poison, which was caused by the bee.  She is still sick, but not in as bad of shape as she was before.  Araragi is fine because he still has some vampire traits from before.

Deishu Kaiki, you should be scared, you are about to feel the wrath of Senjogahara.  She sharpened 100s of pencils to deal with him.  She is very upset due to her past issues with Kaiki, she says she wants revenge.  Senjogahara blames Kaiki for her parents getting a divorce.  Araragi and Sejogahara have made plans to go confront Kaiki and we will see what happens in the 7th episode.

Come on Karen, she didn’t listen to her brother and she ran away.  She is most likely going after Kaiki again even though she isn’t healthy enough for this activity.  Its good that Araragi has Shinobu on his side, she can smell blood from miles away, which means she will be found soon.  Hopefully Araragi can find Karen and bring her home before he has to meet up with Senjogahara to confront Kaiki.  I can’t wait to see how things go down in the 7th episode; I hope they get their revenge on Kaiki.

(I don’t know if that is correct)

Thank you for reading, thank you to the wonderful Lacey for reading over this review!

Sincerely Xana


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