Black Rock Shooter ep 2 review

Posted: February 11, 2012 by Xana in Black Rock Shooter


I am not normally scared when it comes to anime but episode 2 of Black Rock Shooter, “The Sky Embracing Dawn”, was terrifying.  Kagari Izuriha is a demon, and she makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.  The actions scenes throughout were awesome, even though there was a robot that was shooting giant macaroons.


I want to focus on Kagari Izuriha character.  She is exactly the kind of character “Another” (the anime) needs to stay relevant and frightening.  She is a controlling psychopathic bitch.  I have met people like her (not completely to her extent), they cling on to a person and try to control every aspect of their life.  They will belittle that person; make them feel like all they have is you.  I really feel bad for Yomi, she thinks it’s her fault that Kagari ended up in the wheelchair when isn’t at all.  I can’t believe to what extent Kagari will go to control Yomi.  She throws herself down the stairs to try to prove that Yomi must take care of her forever.


Maybe Black Rock Shooter is taking itself too seriously.  Everything is so overdramatized.  There is this weird tension at the most random of times.  It makes the most normal of setting into an end-of-the-world ordeal.  I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, it makes me interested in the show.

(私は亀が好き) she said!

The “Alternate World” action sequences were really cool.  I really love how the show keeps switching in and out of the two worlds.  I don’t have much more to say. In conclusion I really have liked the first 2 episodes of Black Rock Shooter, I hope it stays relevant.


Thanks for reading! thank you Lacey for being my editor

Sincerely yours Xana!


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