Inu X Boku SS ep 5 Review

Posted: February 10, 2012 by Xana in Inu X Boku SS
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Dammit Crunchy-Roll why do you do this to me.  The one time I am interested in an ending theme you decide to not sub it for me.  I mean I’m paying a whole $6.95 of my hard earned cash to be a member of your cite, at least sub everything for me.  Well, thank you episode 5 of Inu X Boku SS for being the best episode so far.  You also get the award for the most random episode I have seen this season.  Episode 5 focuses on a new character by the name of Kagerou, who is by far the most interesting character Inu X Boku SS has to offer.

The world is divided into two categories, sadists and masochists, welcome to Kagerou’s world of S&M. That is episode 5 in a nutshell.  Come on Ririchiyo, why didn’t you tell us you had a fiancée. Kagero Shoukiin is the tenant of room 2 in the mansion.  He is Karuta’s master and Ririchiyo’s future husband.  Kagero is freaking insane.  He categorizes the world into 2 categories, sadists and masochists wile calling all the other characters pigs…  Up to this point Inu X Boku SS was suffering from its failure at humor.  This changed in an instant when Kagerou showed up.  It’s to bad we won’t be seeing him next week because he decided to go on vacation or something L.   I am going to miss his jokes, just listen, “The elevator is making us wait, it’s a sadist.”

Ririchiyo, get out wile you have a chance; you’re a strong independent women, okay not really.  On a serious note, I think Soushi is being way to controlling of her.  She left her parents house so she could be alone not to deal with a controlling guy.  Soushi is getting upset just because she is outside at night, come on she is 16 cut her some slack.  I predict that soon he is going to have complete control over her.

I liked episode 5, it was the best so far.  I hope the show continues to have an interesting sense of humor.  It is to bad I couldn’t find the ending theme subbed because it was an alternate one in which Kagero sang.

Thanks for reading!!! and thank you Lacey for being my editor!

Sincerely your Xana


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