Another ep 5 Build Limbs

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)

Episode five of Another finally decided to explain what’s going on in class 3-3.  I can’t say it surprised me that much but it did clear up some issues I had with the story.  The show seems to have trouble developing its characters, some of which have already been killed off before you really understand who they really are.  The show continues to have a very slow pace and the episode failed to do little more then explain the plot.

(Koichi’s mom)

So poor Koichi, he is getting the silent treatment now, I can’t say I blame the class, they have to do everything they can to protect the students of 3-3.  It looks like he is only going to be talking to Mei for now.  I have to say that their “plan” if you can call it that, is pretty genius.  To stop the curse all you need to do is ignore 1 student in the class and pretend they don’t exist, too bad its no longer working.

I’m going to attempt to explain the curse that plagues class 3-3.  In 1972 a girl in class 3-3 died, but the class pretended that she was still alive.  Its now 26 years later and class 3-3 is cursed.  Students and family members of class 3-3 die every month until the school year is over. It is said that every year class 3-3’s roster is supernaturally changed and a spirit of a past student joins the class.  Because of the extra student being part of the class it causes an unnatural upset causing the deaths.  Ten years ago class 3-3 came up with a plan that protected their students.  They pretend as if one of their students doesn’t exist for the whole year and it causes the students to be safe.  The girl who is getting avoided is the one and only Mei Misaki.  I am sorry if that was vague, that’s all the information we have so far.

(I hate her, she is incapable of protecting her class)

So Fujioku Misaki died in April before Koichi ever joined class 3-3.  I bring up this point because Koichis interactions with Mei probably have nothing to do with the members of class 3-3 dying.  Someone else must have ruined class 3-3s countermeasures.  I suspect that students will continue to die and this plan of avoiding Koichi will do nothing to protect the class.

The characters at this point are barely developed.  Five episodes in and I still can’t get a read on Koichi’s characters.  The rest of the cast has had very little screen time.  I don’t know anything about any of them, causing me to feel nothing when any of the characters die off. Due to how under developed the characters are I’m unable to form any sort of emotional attachment to any of them.

(Lame death scene)

Episode 5 didn’t have the same shock value episode 3 and 4 did.  A character by the name of Ikuo died of a heart attack but he was so severely underdeveloped it didn’t add anything at all to the episode.  What made this show watchable the past few weeks for me were the brutal death scenes (what can I say the gore gets me hot…jk) and episode 5 had none of that.  I am finding my interest slipping; I hope next week is better.

(Silent treatment)

I want to give a special thanks to Lacey for reading over all my reviews 🙂

Thank you for reading, Sincerely yours, Xana



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