Another episode 4 Put Flesh

Posted: February 1, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)

(I know other people have already commented on this but there is no 4th floor)

Episode 4 of Another ended the same way the 3rd episode did, with a bloody gruesome death scene, both of which caught me off-guard.  I really enjoyed the past 2 episodes because of how the episodes are displayed as a whole.  The pacing is slow while the episode builds up and then explodes with something you are not expecting.  On the other hand I am having issues with aspects of the narrative.  I know it’s a fantastical horror series, but some of the story seems so improbable to happen.  Class 3-3 is way to unorganized, when dealing with an issue of this magnitude.  It almost like the students and teachers don’t care if they all die.

(Very close call)

Class 3-3 is cursed.  In April a girl by the name of Misaki was killed making her the death of April.  Yukari falls down the stairs and get killed by her umbrella making her the death of May.  There is a rumor that even family members of the students of class 3-3 are not safe from “the curse”.  This is proved in episode 4 when Sanae Mizuno (the nurse) who has a younger brother in class 3-3 is crushed by an elevator malfunction when she is trying to assist Koichi in finding out what the students of class 3-3 are hiding.

The elected delegates and teachers are handling the problem at hand terribly.  There is no reason Izumi should have missed class on the first day Koichi transferred in.  She is head of countermeasures of the curse, and she doesn’t do her job in informing Koichi of the problems at hand.  She even blames herself in episode 4, for missing that day of school.  Ms. Mikami and Mr. Kubodera know about the situation at hand but they aren’t doing anything.  They decided that they should not inform the new (even though he has been there for about 3 years) principle about the curse of class 3-3.

(She admits its all her fault)

If the whole school has believed in the curse of 3-3 for years why wouldn’t they just eliminate class 3-3?  You find out that Sanae went to a different middle school meaning there is another school in town or not far away.  The students from class 3-3 could go to that other school, or classes 3-1 and 3-2 could be expanded, eliminating class 3-3.  Maybe I’m just getting into small details too much but they could have stopped this whole ordeal that way.  Maybe the light novel explains everything better. I may now have to read the light novel but its 677 pages long and if its similar to the series I can see it getting dull from in slow pace.

If I where a student of class 3-3 I would transfer immediately.  Even if there is no curse I still wouldn’t want to go to a school where the events of 1972 took place.  It would creep me out too much.  As of the end of the episode it’s now June so we can expect another death.  Maybe that is why the series is called another.  Hopefully the class will be smart and tell Koichi what is going on.  Good luck to you, class 3-3 I hope you can survive this series…


Thank you for reading,

Sincerely yours, Xana

  1. Ronin says:

    In some cultures certain numbers are considered bad – such as 666 or 13.

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