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Midterms are here, meaning I have tons of work so this review is going to be short and too the point.  Nisemonogatari, episodes 8 made me feel dirty.  I think this series can now be classified as Ecchi, maybe even beyond that.  Episode 8 was borderline incest, and it makes me much to unconformable to talk about.  Why did the toothbrush scene have to be with Karen… This series is creepy, and I hate to say that I love it; I have loved every second of it so far.  Maybe what happened was just a bonding experience between Araragi and Karen that will bring them closer together. Lets just hope.

(ohh no here it goes)

So why does Karen want to meet Kanbaru so much and why is she the head of her fan club.  Is there a reason beyond the fan club, maybe, but I bet Karen likes her so much because they have very similar personalities.

Thank God for Tsukihi showing up for when she did.  Bad, bad things were probably going to happen.  If you don’t know what I mean by bad things, go watch this episode but make sure you’re alone…  Well on a less creepy note the new opening theme was great!


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Episode 7 of Inu X Boku SS started out with potential but nothing really came out of it.  Some type of demon attacks the mansion, which results in it going into a lockdown mode where different characters are stranded in separate rooms.  I thought there was going to be a showdown with the demon or maybe even Kagerou would come to the rescue everyone but instead none of that happened.  The demon turned out to be piggyback monsters…all they did was jump on the characters backs.

Damn Ririchiyo, just say it.  Most of the episode 7 focuses on Ririchiyo trying to thank Soushi for taking care of her.  Why can’t she just say thank you, it is not that hard, and I’ll prove it.  I want to thank my parents for taking care of me and paying for my college tuition.  I want to thank my girlfriend for dealing with all of my strange antics.  I want to thank my medication for keeping me normal, okay I am kidding about the last one.  What I am trying to say is that it’s not that hard to say thank you.  She finally says it near the end of the episode but it is just unnecessary a whole episode had to be designated to this.

So nothing really happened in episode 7…  I don’t really have much to talk about so I am just going to point out a couple of thing that I found cute throughout the episode.  Karuta found herself an endless refrigerator.  It fits her personality perfectly; she was able to cook delicious looking food.  Banri found himself an endless staircase so he could work out to impress Karuta.  Well I hope episode 8 will offer a little more then the 7th episode.  I really hope that Kagerou will be back but its not looking good due to the preview.

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What a bloody mess class 3-3 has turned into.  As a whole they are starting to become frantic, will it bring out the worst in them, only time will tell.  I wish you luck class 3-3, I believe you can stop the curse and find the one who is actually dead.

What a way to start off the episode with Mr. Kubodera committing suicide in front of the entire class 3-3 and damn, it was bloody.  He took a knife and continually drove it into is neck until he was dead and the class was covered in his blood.  The look of terror on the students in the class was horrifying.  The animators did a good job with portraying horror within the eyes and the mouths of the characters.  The students looked truly terrified.

It looks like both Koichi and Mei will no longer be ignored.  The countermeasures have failed; the members of class 3-3 are screwed, or are they?  It looks like one of the former class 3-3 found away to stop the curse mid-year.  One of the students of class 3-3 told his sister about the curse.  She did some snooping around and got some information out of a town drunk who was a former member of class 3-3.  He said he had been to one to save the class midyear.  He could no longer recall what he had done.  All that is known is that class 3-3 of that year had visited a specific shrine that year and then the death of the students stopped.

So the students are going on vacation next week, and by the previews it’s going to be a beach episode…  From what I have seen of Another I highly doubt that this episode fill turn into a fan-service-fest but I always worry when it comes to the beach, it brings out the worst in anime.  The students are going on this vacation in hopes they can stop the curse and try to recreate whatever the town drunk had done.  The class is counting on the members of the class all showing up on the trip.  Certain members of the class have left the town and gone into hiding.  I would probably be on of those kids if I was a member of class 3-3, the whole curse shit would freak me out.

Who is dead?  That’s the big question.  Mei in episode 7 confirms that Koichi is no longer a suspect.  Can we believe her?  I have no idea.  I am now suspicious that Mei could be the dead one because she is so sure it isn’t Koichi.  This ether means she knows who the extra student in the class is or it is in fact herself.

I don’t understand why the student would immediately go back to school after their teacher has just murdered himself in front of the whole class.  That is a traumatizing experience.  I would expect the student to get at least a little time off from school.  Why are their no therapists, I know if this event had taken place in my junior high school I would be fucked up in the head afterwards but instead it seems like Koichi and the others go on as if nothing has happened.

Episode 7 was a blood but good episode; probably the best we have seen so far.  I can’t wait to see what happens next week.  Hopefully class 3-3 can figure out how to stop this curse as soon as possible. Who do you think is the member of class 3-3 that is actually dead?  Leave a comment underneath, I am interested who others think it is.

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I have no idea why I am watching Ano Natsu de Matteru, it is terrible in all the best kind of ways.  Episode 7 was over the top and ridiculous but a lot of fun to watch.  This anime is really turning into a guilty pleasure for me.

Episode 7 continues where episode 6 left off, Kaori has just confessed to Kai.  Kai turns her down but SURPRISE she never really wanted Kai, so boy had just turned her down so she thought she would try her luck with Kai.  Ugh what a dumb girl, don’t try to play with men’s hearts.  Kaori friend Arisawa is still hyperactive as ever.  She just can’t let Tetsuro go, well until Mio saves him again.

So a huge secret is revealed in episode 7.  Okay I can’t call it a secret, it was just much to ridiculous to take serious, ugh Mio.  Okay I will go out and say it, MIO IS A NUDIST and so is her whole family.  Are you kidding me, the episode build up to this?  I burst out laughing so hard, it was just caught me so off guard.  It was sad that Mio was crying and calling herself a pervert over this; it was just so dumb.  Well I guess on a more serious note she confesses to Tetsuro, we haven’t heard back yet but they would make a cute couple.

Awww Ichika and Kai are getting closer.  They held hands and walked together.  Maybe they can finally put this dumb awkwardness behind them and finally date.  They were about to kiss into Kanna broke it up.  On the subject of Kanna I just want to say I feel so bad for her.  She is loosing to Ichika when it comes to Kai.  She also got subjugated to Remon this episode.  Remon fed her some “Dynamite Drink” as its called.  I wonder if it’s the equivalent of 4 Loko or something.  Kanna gets really drunk while Renom tortures her by dressing her up in costumes.

(Poor Kanna)

Well the cast now has to go back home, their vacation is over. We now get to look forward to next week’s stereotypical festival episodes.  Overall episode 7 was fun even though it was more on the crazy side.  Next weeks episode is sure to be fun also.

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Synopsis: Soul Eater is brought to us from studio BONES, who also did Wolf’s Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha, Jyu-Oh-Sei, and No. 6. Soul Eater is about a group of students who attend a special school hidden from the rest of the human race. Some of these students can turn into weapons while the other students control them. At this school they are taught by the Grim Reaper himself to hunt down and eliminate evil human souls.

*This review will most definitely contain SPOILERS*

Review: I had wanted to watch this series for a long time, I absolutely love studio BONES and this anime sounded intriguing, but the thing that put me over the edge and convinced me this was a must see was this AMV à   Seriously, watch it right now. What are you doing still reading? Watch it, then finish the review :D. The AMV definitely makes the show look creepier than it actually is, but the show is still inherently gothic and freakin’ awesome.

This may be one of my favorite series, of all times. I’m convinced I could watch it several times and never get board. In fact, that is what inspired me to do this review, I watched the complete series about a year ago, then over winter break I started to re-watch it.  Absolutely no part of it lost its charm although this does not mean that there are not parts of it I have contentions with. So lets get to it.

I would like to start with the first opening theme, called Resonance by T.M. Revolution. Not going to lie, completely love this song. If I made a top opening themes list, this song would be incredibly high on said list (along with Death Note opening 1 and closing 2). I have a confession to make, sometimes when I’m doing homework I will listen to Resonance on a loop…

This series is pure shonen, plain and simple. The vast majority of it takes place at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (the DWMA), and the head master of this school is Death himself, the Grim Reaper. The main characters of this show are students at the academy, and they are charged with killing and collecting evil souls, kishin souls, and witch souls. The DWMA is in Death City, which is located in Nevada. Death City has some sort of shield surrounding it so that normal humans don’t accidently stumble upon this skull encrusted, witch infested city. I absolutely love the idea that this takes place in the real world; a battle even takes place on the London Bridge in the series. It just makes the show all the more real, almost. I can’t help myself; I’m going to compare it to Harry Potter. In HP there is a fantastical made up place, Hogwarts, which is isolated from the real world, yet the characters in HP exist and move seamlessly from one “world” to another. In Soul Eater this crossing of “worlds” happens seamlessly, and I was stunned at how this small detail could add such a colossal dimension to the show.

The character design and architecture are perhaps one of the many aspects of this show that make it stand out. From Maka’s chunky and fabulous combat boots combined with her black button down trench coat, to the giant screw sticking out of Steins head, to the maniacal moon with blood dripping from its crazed smile. This show is so Tim Burton-esque that I immediately fell in love.

Soul Eater is not all action; it also has its fair share of humor. I found myself laughing out loud like a giddy schoolgirl for far more of this show then I expected. There was one episode where the characters have to take a written test, and this came right after a long and intense battle where our hero’s ultimately fail. I usually hate filler, with every fiber of my being, I hate it, but this episode was just so perfect I could not help but enjoy it. Death the Kid, who is the Reapers son, is a perfectionist, so even though he probably knows the most out of the whole class he spends the whole time trying to write his name perfectly. Kid has two weapon partners, duel pistols, and one of them is a ditz, and she just adds so much to the show. I found myself giggling at the vast majority of her stupid one-liners.

The fighting is beyond awesome. As you can guess, because it is a 51 episode shonen series, there are going to be a hell of allot of fight scenes, even with so many they do not get worn out, humdrum, or mundane. Every fight scene feels new and exciting. In addition due to the fact that the different characters have different weapons every fighting style is still unique. The fact that each character fights with his/her own specific style makes the show all the more fun to watch, and causes it to not be boring and repetitive. Lets just face it, BONES animation kicks major ass.

This series housed some absolutely memorable characters in both design and personality. First of all, Medusa is a badass bad guy. She is maniacal, and when she flashes her devilish grin it’s hard to not be at least slightly taken aback. She is also just so devious, willing to take over a small child’s body, and use it as leverage. Then there is Professor Stein, an unequivocally insane professor who would like nothing more then to dissect something new every class. He isn’t simply insane; he is also a genius, and possibly the best meister at the academy. Some moments Stein is a meister genius who is most certainly a good guy, but other times, when the glare hits is glasses just right its hard to tell exactly what he is thinking.

I could write a freakin’ novel about Soul Eater, but I will restrain myself, so I’m going to move on to the few (but still existent) contentions I had with the series. The most glaring of these would have to be Black Star as a whole. There is no getting around the fact that he is incredibly annoying. Every time he says YAHOO, I want to reach into the T.V and punch him directly in the pie hole. I originally had high hopes for him, and I even LIKED him in episode 10 and 11, because I was really impressed with his character development. But after that short two-episode arc he goes back to being his ridiculously irritating self. But even Black Star isn’t all bad, I really love his fighting style, with and with out Tsubaki. It’s a little hard to explain, it is part samurai, but yet there is a very modern, almost brake dancer feel to it, the way he flips and dodges, with an edge of some sort of martial art, combining into an original and kick ass style.

My next problem is one that I’m sure allot of people had with the show, its ending! I mean can you say COP OUT?! I think there was some great fighting and animation during the massive fight that takes place at the end of the series, but the whole idea behind “bravery” and whatever was stupid. I don’t know, I was disappointed. Enough said.

As I said earlier, I really could write a book about this anime, but what it boils down to is that I truly did enjoy it, even if the end was a bit of a cop out. I would whole-heartedly give this anime an 8.5/10.

Hope you enjoyed.



The Karen Bee arc is over, whether you found episode 7 anti-climatic or brilliant.  Deishu Kaiki has left the city for now but we can probably expect him back in a later story because of his business at Kanbaru’s house was probably foreshadowing a latter event.  Next episode will be the beginning of the Tsukihi Pheonix arc. With only 4 episodes left in the series we can expect this arc to be at a similar pace of what was found in Bakemonogatari, instead of the uncharacteristically long Karen Bee arc.

The Karen bee arc as a whole was a lot longer than I ever expected it to be, 7 episodes in all. The longest arc in Bakemonogatari was the Tsubasa Cat arc, which was five episodes, and the rest of the arcs were ether 2 or 3 episodes.  I liked the arc overall but I found others complaining that it was too long and that it had a lackluster ending.  Many people thought there should have been a better confrontation between Kaiki, Araragi and Senjogahara.  If this had happened I would have found it uncharacteristic of the show.  Instead you get very interesting sequence of dialogue between the characters.

For all those people complaining, shut up.  Episode 7 gave you such an amazing action sequence between Koyomi Araragi and Karen Araragi.  It was on the same level as what was previously done in Bakemonogtari, meaning pure insanity. Kaiki said that Senjogahara has become boring.  If she were her old self she would have killed Kaiki immediately.  Instead the characters are very mature when speaking to each other and it shows they have grown throughout the series.  On a side note it looks like Senjogahara is going to sleep with Araragi…  Instead of this just being dirty, it shows that Senjogahara has grown up as a person and is able to love Araragi after everything that has happened in her life.

Overall part 7 of the Karen Bee arc was a great finisher episode to the first part of Nisemonogatari.  Kaiki has left the city and the middle school students are finally safe from his fake abilities.  Kaiki never gave Karen a poison bee because in the end he was always a fake he had just hypnotized her.  Next week we get to look forward too and learn more about Araragi’s younger little sister, Tsukihi, I can’t wait.

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Ga-rei: Zero anime review by Lykos

Posted: February 19, 2012 by Xana in Ga-rei: Zero

(I’m intrigued.)

Synopsis: This anime was brought to us by Anime International Company, who also did T.V series such as Blue Gender, Ah! My Goddess, Gun Sword, SoltyRei, Bamboo Blade, and Strike Witches 2. Ga-Rei: Zero is about The Japanese Ministry of Defense’s anti-paranormal squadron who are charged with protecting the public from evil supernatural spirits/demons that disrupt the order of things.

*This review will most definitely contain SPOILERS*

Review: The reason I chose to watch Ga-Rei: Zero is truthfully because it was only twelve episodes, and I wanted a show that I could just kind of breeze through for fun, and because it seemed like a decent action anime. Before watching it I read nothing about it, not a single review, I don’t like to start watching something with pre-conceived notions. Also, the way, in which I watched this series was odd, I started it about two months ago, watched about five episodes, then just stopped. Then about a week ago I just decided that I should finish it, and watched the remaining six episodes in two days. Not the most consistent way to watch a show, I admit.

(OHHH SHIT! Things are not looking so good for Yomi.)

The beginning of the very first episode can be a bit misleading, it makes the show look like it’s going to be a very stereotypical action shonen series, complete with an overly powerful big bad. So we first meet a team of exorcists who work for the government fighting evil spirits to protect the public. The audience is tricked into thinking that this team will be the main characters that we will be getting to know throughout the series, WRONG! They are all brutally eliminated in the first episode by a traitor to the organization, a girl by the name of Yomi. This brings me to one of my favorite aspects of the show, the story is told from the perspective of the killer, Yomi.

After Yomi kills this team, in the second episode we see her fighting a girl by the name of Kagura. Due to the fact that this is only the second episode there is very little that the audience knows about these two characters, but simply from the dialog it is exceedingly obvious that they have a strong past. Truthfully when I was watching this episode I was disappointed because I felt forced to feel for these characters even though I knew virtually nothing about them. This feeling of frustration was immediately mitigated because the next episode is a flashback episode; in fact all the episodes until partially through episode 10 are back-story.

(Our two leading ladies.)

I found these flash back episodes to be effective at creating a connection between the characters and me. The more I watched the more devastated I was knowing what Yomi’s fate was going to be. The character development was effective, not only for our two protagonists, Yomi and Kagura, but also for the supporting cast. Though, actually, perhaps the reason that I stopped watching mid series was because these flashback episodes do get a bit sappy, and Kagura cries far too many times through out these episodes. Truthfully there were a time or two where I wanted to slap Kagura and tell her buck up, and stop being a pansy ass.

The animation was very well done; the numerous fight scenes were well choreographed. There are some very cool fight scenes that include a motorcycle, which were particularly fun to watch. These scenes are also incredibly violent and bloody, which, not going to lie, is my bread and butter.

(I’m feeling some of that awkward girl on girl action coming on…)

Warning: There are full on boobs, and awkward girl on girl action that takes place between two girls who consider them self’s sisters. That is all.

When this show is full of bloody violent fun it is really very good, though it does slow down towards the middle, if you can push through these couple of episodes you are rewarded by a great, emotional, and action packed end to the series. Giving shows number values is incredibly hard for me, but I would have to give Ga- Rei: Zero a 7.5/10.

(Lets do this)

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