Nisemonogatari ep 4 Karen Bee part 4

Posted: January 29, 2012 by Xana in Nisemonogatari

Ohh I love you Nisemonogatari.  When I think I understand you, I get thrown a curveball in the appearance of an 8-year-old vampire.  Episode 4 continues where the last episode left off with its pure entertainment value.

What surprised me the most about the episode was the appearance of Shinobu.  She hasn’t been seen since Bakemonogatari and has been hiding in Araragi’s shadows.  She appeared when I least expected it, when Araragi was in the bath.  The episode really focuses on Shinobu and Araragi’s relationship.  I have yet to read the prequel Kizumonogatari, and the anime film has yet to be released.  Kizumonogatari is the story about how Araragi is turned into a vampire by Shinobu.  So at this point I am still confused about Araragi and Shinobu’s relationship.  What the episode explains is that both Meme and Araragi have not forgiven each other for the events of Kizumonogatari.  Araragi doesn’t want to be a vampire and Shinobu blames him for loosing most of her powers.  Shinobu even threatens Araragi to watch himself or she will kill him.


Shinobu brings up a very interesting subject, what is Araragi’s lifespan.  Araragi at this point still maintains traits of a vampire.  Shinobu has already lived over 500 years and it is unknown if Araragi’s will have the same lifespan.  Shinobu says that he will outlive his girlfriend, sisters and all his friends leaving Araragi and Shinobu alone for a long time.

I am happy with Tsubasa’s change in appearance.  She has dropped the glasses and overall just looks better and she seems a lot happier then she did in Bakemonogatari.  I’m glad so see that she will have a prominent roll throughout the series, instead of a separate arc like she did in Bakemonogatari.

Episode 4 kind of pulled the same thing “Dance in the Vampire Bund” did with Shinobu being nearly naked throughout the episode.  I had to keep telling myself that she is 500 years old and not a child like she appears.  At least they blurred out her body with steam unlike Vampire Bund.

Karen, Araragi’s bigger little sister has been possessed by a killer bee. She now has a deadly fever that will supposedly kill her.  Deishu Kaiki has something to due with it and I am really anxious to see what he has to gain by cursing her.  The 4th episode of Nisemonogatari was excellent and I can’t wait for next week. I hope Karen will be okay, and hopefully Araragi can stop Deishu.

Thank you for reading,

Sincerely Xana


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