Inu X Boku SS ep 3 review

Posted: January 27, 2012 by Xana in Inu X Boku SS

(Soushi kissing someone, maybe we are in for an interesting episode)

Episode 3 of Inu X Boku SS was a much better episode than the first two.  It was spent developing Ririchiyo’s personality and back-story, but unfortunately that was about all.  There is still no overall plot to speak of and we still know little about all the other characters.   I now know the series is going to be 52 episodes long.  I am going to change the way I review it because the show has a lot more time to develop due to its length. Today I am going to focus on two parts of the anime, Ririchiyo’s character development and the shows sense of humor.

(Little Ririchiyo)

I feel bad for Ririchiyo, her back story actually makes me feel a little emotional.  She has really never been treated well her whole life.  Her upbringing was full of people only pretending to be nice to her, due to her father’s vast wealth and power.  Its no wonder she acts the way she does.  Ririchiyo has distrust for almost everyone and this leads her to not be able to communicate properly with others.  Episode 3 of Inu X Boku was finally able to do at least one thing right and that was to develop Ririchiyo as a character.  You really start to understand why she is such a (for not a better word) bitch, to the people around her.  With the exception of those who live within the Ayakashi Mansion, everyone treats her terribly throughout the episode. On her first day of high school, students degrade her on the fact that she is rich.  They don’t know her and they had no right too.  I guess jealousy really brings out the worst in people.  The episode really does a great job at showing Ririchiyo’s suffering it and makes the viewer sympathetic.

(Probably some bad joke)

The humor in episode 3 was a huge fail.  It seems like its just trying too hard to be funny.  Nobara is the “comic relief” character.  She wants Ririchiyo in a sexual way… This whole concept of pedophilia in this series makes me feel unconformable.  I mean Ririchiyo is 15 years old.  I never laughed once throughout the episode but rather felt embarrassed that I was watching a show that resorted to such cheap and lame humor.

(This scene was actually cute and sweet)

For the first time I am actually interested in what will occur in episode 4.  The episode ended introducing 2 new characters, Banri and Zange.  At the least they both have interesting character designs but I hope they turn out to be decent characters.  Zange is so goofy looking with his rabbit ears, maybe that means he will be a better comic relief character.  On a side note when I started watching this series I thought it was only going to be 13 episodes long.  I wonder how long I will be able to review Inu X Boku SS.

(The new guys)


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