Another ep 3 Bone Work

Posted: January 24, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)

(After all that build up, a green eye)

I have now come to the conclusion that Another is going to be a slow series and I need to embrace it for what it is.  Episode 3 was a lot better then the first two and I really enjoyed it as a whole.  Another’s plot finally kicked in a little and some big events took place throughout.

The atmosphere Another creates, is the shows strongest characteristic.  It is very hard to explain, but it makes the show very creepy.  I found my heart racing throughout the episode even when nothing much was happening.  Another really reminds me of the anime Shiki.  Shiki started off slow to build suspense and then turned into a bloody horror story.   I can see Another going in this same direction especially because of how the third episode ended with Yukari Sakuragi getting impaled by her own umbrella.  We can expect a lot more blood and death from Another if it turns out to be like Shiki which I personally would like.

(More Dolls…)

I am happy Koichi finally finds out a little about what the students of class 3-3 were hiding, but the plot was interrupted by his cell phone.  Every episode thus far has this conveniently placed-in interruption and I hate it.  It feels like lazy writing to me, the writers could have at least come up with something more interesting. Episode two’s big end hook was the revealing of what was under Misaki’s eye patch and unfortunately it was a huge letdown. I mean come on; she has a doll’s eye, that’s so lame, I was expecting something better.  Do the writers not think the story is scary enough, so they have to resort to dolls?  I said in my last review that the dolls were scary but now I just find them dumb.  What truly is scary about Another is the atmosphere throughout the episodes, the uneasy feeling that is provided, not the dolls which are used for cheap shock value.

(The Animation is still amazing)

I really liked the ending with the death scene of Yukari Sakuragu. I think it was what the show needed to remain as a horror story.  What I found weird was that an umbrella impaled her.  I have never in my life seen one that sharp before; I thought umbrellas normally had plastic tips or at least don’t look like they could cause bodily harm.  Oh-well the Umbrella scene added some shock value that wasn’t from dolls this time, and I really appreciated that.

Overall episode 3 of Another was the best so far.  The animation and music we still wonderful.  Another as a whole seems like it is going in the right direction and I look forward to next week’s episode.


Thank you for reading,

Sincerely you, Xana


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