Nisemonogatari ep 3 Karen Bee 3

Posted: January 23, 2012 by Xana in Nisemonogatari

Last week I said what I thought Nisemonogatari had to do in episode 3, and that was to jumpstart the plot.  This first two episode were nice but overall they were introductory episodes that got you back into the world of the series.  Nisemonogatari did just what I asked, introducing a killer new character and answering some question everyone had.


The episode starts where the last one left off, in Suruga Kanbaru’s house.  Araragi talk to her for sometime and they play some type of Japanese game. Araragi wins which frustrates Kanbaru.  They chat and Araragi asks a great question that I was also thinking, what do Kanbaru’s grandparents think of her injured arm (due to events of the first series.)  She says due to the event of her past  (more stuff you find out in Bakemonogatari) they don’t ask her questions and they believe her arm is just injured from a normal accident, not from the “Rainy Devil.”  (You will really be lost at this point of you watching Nisemonogatari without watching Bakemonogatari.)  Araragi leaves Kanbaru’s house and walks outside.  He is met with a mysteries looking man dressed in black.  He introduces himself as Kaiki, a supposedly very uncommon name in Japan.  The scene goes red when he appears, in a very unique artistic style.  They talk for a while.  Kaiki says that Araragi is a surprisingly polite boy and asks questions about some family’s last name.  Araragi thinks it has to do with Kanbaru’s mother.  Kaiki leaves and Araragi has an unsettling feeling so he decides to follow him.

Araragi loses him but runs into Senjoughara on the way.  They talk for some time wile Senjoughara continually degrades him.  Araragi states that he was following a man named Kaiki.  Senjoughara get worried because she knows Deishu Kaiki (as his full name is).  He was one of the 5 conmen who tricked Senjoughara’s family out of their money when her weight was taken by the crab.  The scene then switches to where it left off in the beginning of the first episodeof the series.  Araragi is still chained to a chair at the old cram school.  Senjoughara says that he will remain chained their until Kaiki is gone.  She doesn’t want Araragi to have anything to do with him and she is protecting him.  Araragi then receives a text from his younger little sister that says, “Help Me.”  Araragi’s inner vampire is unleashed as he breaks the handcuffs with ease.  At that moment Senjoughara gets a call from Hanekawa of all people.  There is some dialogue on the phone, between the two, but you only here what Senjoughara is saying.  She says that it wasn’t part of the plan but she will take her word, and the episode ends.


Wow was this episode great or what? This is why I love this franchise.  Not only did it answer some questions, but also it posed many new ones.  Karen bee, Part 3 answered the question to the most confusing part of the series so far; why Araragi was chained up in the old Cram School by his girlfriend.  The answer is Kaiki.  We now know who he is, but what is he up to and how are Araragi’s sisters connected.  I have yet to read the Light novels so I in no way saw this coming.  I thought the series would revolve around Araragi’s 2 sisters but instead Nisemonogatari may have introduced its first “true” villain.

Why are Senjougahara and Hanekawa talking to each other?  I really have no idea, they are in the same class but I figure they would hate each other.  (All the events that took place in the “Tsubasa Cat” arc where due to Hanekawa being upset because of her feelings for Araragi.  I figured due to Senjougahara’s overprotective nature she wouldn’t like Hanekawa at all.)  I wonder if Kaiki coming to town had something to due with why Hanekawa cancelling her tutoring with Araragi in the first episode.  Hanekawa and Kaiki could know each other because we still don’t know very much about her.  This could be why Senjougahara and Hanekawa are speaking to each other.

(She is scary)

Deishu already is a very interesting character.  He looks a lot like Oshino who disappeared at the end of Bakemonogatari.  We know he one of the conmen who ruined Senjougahara’s family, so he has experience with the occult.  I am very interested in what roll he will take in this series, and if he has something to do with Araragi’s sisters.  I really wonder what role Karen and Tsukihi will have in this series.  You have only seen each for a couple of minutes.  I thought by now at least Karen would have more screen time due to the fact the first 3 episodes being called “Karen Bee, part 1, 2, and 3.

I want to quickly talk about the animation; it was mostly amazing and at one point pretty bad.  The scene where Kaiki was introduced was amazing.  Everything turned red for this scene.  These strictly “Bakemonogatari Franchise” stylistic touches, is what made me love the series in the first place.  I will show picture because it so hard to describe how well this scene was animated.  The lights and darks were some of the best I have ever seen in this franchise.  On a bad note there was point in the episode with bad lazy animation. This happens in the scene where Araragi and Senjougahara are at the cram school.  The camera kept panning out which caused the characters to seems far away and not very well drawn.  It may have been used to save some budget money for the other extraordinary scenes.

Senjougahara really frightens me; I can’t tell if she is the worst or the best girlfriend in anime.  She is the most stubborn and overprotective character I have ever seen. At one points she is sadistically degrading Araragi and then later she has him chained up for his own protection.  She is a great character… one of my all time favorites… but keep her away from me.

Nisemonogatari’s dialogues still continue to be the best in anime.  No other show has conversation like it.  The character interaction was amazing and that is greatly true in the scene between Araragi and Kaiki.  Nisemonogatari knows exactly where it is going at this point, and the new character left a fresh overall feel to the show.  Nisemonogatari episode 3, “Karen Bee part 3” was by far the best episode out of the series so far.  This was exactly what I had been waiting for.  I want to fast-forward time so I can see next weeks episode, this series is that good already.

Episode rating 9/10, to bad the animation was a little poor or it really could have been higher.


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