Inu X Boku SS ep 2 I don’t care enough to look up its name…

Posted: January 20, 2012 by Xana in Inu X Boku SS

Yay its time for episode 2 of Inu X Boku.  Screw intros lets get straight to it.

(I like her in this form)


Ririchiyo, Soushi and Renshou decide to go shopping.  Renshou says they can’t go to back till 6, I wonder why.  Maybe there is going to be a surprise party.  Soushi acts like a dog and and Ririchiyo is bitchy, just like the first episode.  Renshou buys a cake.  I wonder why, maybe there is going to be a surprise party. They go back to the apartment but Nobara says that Karuta has gone missing.  Yay more pointless characters that I had already forgotten about.  They look for Karuto and then Ririchiyo get stuck in a spirit wall thing??? Yah I don’t know ether.  Ririchiyo and Soushi have some sweet personal bonding.  They go to the apartment and guess what, SURPRISE PARTY!!!!!!!!!! to welcome Ririchiyo and Soushi to the apartment complex.


Nothing happened in this episode NOTHING!!!  I found myself smiling throughout the episode do to how much I hate this.  As unoriginal as this is I have to say it, I won’t get these 23 minutes back that I just wasted on this show ever.  I am going to die knowing I could of spent this time with my family or my friends… 😥   Ugh this seems to be of the genre of magical-butler???  This show seems like it will revolve around Soushi being a little bitch and trying to make Ririchiyo as happy as possible.  Soushi, you seem like like your a cool dude but damn, there is more to life than a bratty, rich demon girl, or not.  Okay picture time.

Lets play a guessing game okay.  What do you think Nobara just said.  I mean her attempt at a joke.  I did laugh though…something is wrong with me.

“When I imagine my little Karuta being subjegated to tentacle torture…………………………….

Yah she went there.

I was way to nice on my last review.  I gave this a whole 6/10…it sure doesn’t deserve that.  Okay I’m just at a loss of words about this show.  This episode sucked and that all there is to it.

I hope you wonderful people have a great day and go watch an anime that doesn’t suck.

Sincerely your Xana

(He crying because he has to be on this God-awful show)

Unfortunately I will be watching episode 3, Soushi just asked me so nicely at the end.  This show is so bad the characters have to beg the viewers to watch it.

Episode rating 2/10, the animation is nice


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