Ano Natsu de Matteru ep 1&2 thoughts

Posted: January 20, 2012 by Xana in Ano Natsu de Matteru

Ano Natsu de Matteru or in English Waiting in the Summer, is a brand new anime animated by J.C. Staff.  It was written by Yosuke Kuroda, the same guy who wrote the please teach and please twin series.  I have only seen parts of both but many people say Waiting in the Summer reminds them a lot of Please Teacher.  This will be a review of episode 1 and 2 of this series.

(you player ;)….)


The episode starts with Kirishima Kaito also know as Kai, our protagonist standing on a large bridge playing around with his expensive looking video camera.  He is talking to himself about some cheesy philosophical destiny bullshit you find in to many animes these days.  It felt like a scene straight out of Mawaru Penguindrum.  Suddenly there is a large blue explosion and everything starts to shake.  Blue lights fill the sky as a space ship crashes near by.  Kai gets thrown off the bridge in a mess of his own blood as his glasses shatter.  This was surprisingly violent.  He is suddenly saved by someone’s hand that grabs a hold of his.

Kai then wakes up in is room the next morning, and goes down stairs to eat breakfast with his sister.  As they talk to each other you are informed about 2 things, first of all their parents are dead and second his sister is going to abandon him for 3 months and go to Bolivia.  (What a great guardian, leaving a 15 year old alone)  Kai starts walking to school playing with his camera the whole time.  He starts filming a train when he sees a strange red headed girl in the train for a quick second.  (foreshadowing)  He finally gets to school where you meet his typical group of friends.  Tetsurou is Kai best friend, who also look like he is 30, but is a 1st year student.  Kanna is a boyish looking girl who has the major hotts for Kai and there is Miyoko who can only be described as dumb.  Kai continues to play with his camera and starts filming the same red headed girl who is walking outside.  This pisses off Kanna a lot and she starts yelling at him.  You find out the red-head is a new 3rd year transfer student as anyone could have guessed. Her name is Takatsuki Ichika.  As she is introduced to her class she is met with a class full of guys who hit on her.  A girl named Remon saves her by blackmailing the male students.

The show switches back to Kai and his friends chatting about making a movie. The characters then all joke about a mark on Kai’s neck, his friends call it a hickey while he says it’s just a bug bite.  The boys then introduce themselves to Ichika and ask her to star in their movie and she accepts.  All of the girls introduced thus far join the newly made movie crew.  Remon claims that she has worked with George Lucas and takes on script writing duty wile Kai will film it.

Here is where the anime gets more interesting; it switches to after school when Kai is walking home.  He runs into Ichika while she is fishing in a river that has no fish in it.  He finds that Ichika is homeless and he invites her to live with him.  Kai brings her into his room and try to put Ichika’s suitcase away but it is way to heavy.  She refuses to tell Kai what the contents are.  Both characters are embarrassed because Ichika has never been in a guy’s room before and Kai doesn’t know how to act.  Ichika goes to take a shower while Kai goes on a mission to hide all traces of her before his sister gets home.  The hickey/bug bite flares up and he starts to hallucinate until he falls to ground, out cold.  Ichika comes out of the bathroom (only in a towel, yay for fan service) and notices that Kai has started to become all red with some kind of alien disease.  She calls to her suitcase and Rinon a strange pink alien blob pops out and turns into this crazy alien-technology bubble (that the best I can explain it.)  Then Ichika gives him a kiss but and the same moment Kai’s sister and Kanna walk into the house and see everything.  At that same moment can you guess what happens, Ichika’s towel falls off.

The second episode starts with a flashback of Ichika in space and then picks up where it left off from the first episode.  Kai, Ichika, Kanna and Nanami (big sister) are sitting around a table.  Nanami is demanding an explanation of the situation that had just occurred.  Ichika says something along the lines of where I am from we embrace someone when they are sick and that’s why they saw her embracing Kai.  Nanami takes a liking to Ichika and says she can live at their house.  Kanna’s leaves the house and goes home.  She is super jealous and phones all her friends to bitch about Kai.

The next morning Ichika and Kai see Nanami off to the train station and decide to go shopping.  When they get back home they discover everyone who agreed to be in the movie are in Kai’s house because they want to plan the movie.  Remon had picked the lock and they get down to work but nothing really gets done.  Remon makes some drinks that look like nuclear waste.  It gets the whole crew drunk but they never call it alcohol.  The whole gang plays games for a while and have a lot of fun.  The episode was a character-based episode that really more focused on interaction between characters over other things.


Almost everything about this show is exactly what you would expect it to be.  It has been done a million time and not only in anime.  Guy meets cute transfer and the rest is history.  Hell, this is basically the plot of Twilight just with an alien instead of a vampire.  I have a question for you, why is it that I enjoy this show and I try to hide the fact that I read twilight.  The characters of Ano Natsu de Matteru are nothing special.  They are not bad but they don’t stand out with exception of Remon who is weirdo.  The animation was pretty good and there wasn’t too much music to talk about.  But none of this explains why I liked it.  The first 2 episodes just seemed to work well and I enjoyed everything about.  Ano Natsu de Matteru takes a basic story and makes the best with what its got.  Based on the first 2 episodes its just takes an unoriginal story and makes it better than all the other similar stories.

The dialog of the show was great.  I really felt is was between high school students.  The timing was realistic, and the character interaction was well done.   I really liked how the characters teased and poked fun at each other.  It really felt like it was straight out of high school.

(Toxic Looking)

As I said before the characters where unoriginal but most of them had at least 1 key thing about them, which made them feel like a fresh twist on the original.  Ichika seems like a dumb clueless girl until she has to act quickly.  In episode 1 she just does that, not once but twice.  Tetsurou acts like any boy would in episode 1 as he finds out everything he can about the new transfer student, but how he does it is just great.  He completely seduces a female teacher to get the information.  He is the definition of a player.  Remon is a the short, spoiled, Tiaga-like character but people were actually are able to get along with her and they listen to her crazy ideas.

I love that this show has a lot of continuity.  Even though both episodes were different I really can’t wait until next week to watch it.  I am going to start reviewing this show every week probably instead of Inu X Boku because there is a lot more I want to say in the future about this show.  I hope it continues to be a fresh representation of an old story.

Episode 1&2= 8/10


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