Top 10 Anime of 2011

Posted: January 19, 2012 by Xana in Top 10s

I have been stuck on the coach for the last day and a half and I am bored out of my mind due to my foot.  I have watched everything from Extreme Couponing to American Idol… I hate reality Tv… but I am continuing to watch it.  Well I know it’s a little late but I am going to countdown my favorite anime from the year of 2011.   2011 as a season had some great highlights and some of the worst crap I have ever seen, so here are the highlights series haha.

#10 Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

This is by far the anime with the littlest going on throughout the series.  It was a fun show about a high school student and his mysteries cousin who claims she is an alien.  The best part of the series was the wonderful animation.  Studio shaft is my favorite animation studio.  Denpa Onna is a show without much movement so the budget of the show was really used in making colorful and lively backgrounds, and vibrant, multi-toned, and cute characters.  This won’t be the last of shaft you see on this list J.

#9 Fractale

Yutaka Yamamoto promised this anime would be a masterpiece or he would retire from the world of anime.  Unfortunately it was no masterpiece and a lot of people had issues with it.  I found the series to have breathtaking visuals and a better story then #10 on the list.  The series really looks like movie quality animation.  It had great character design and fluid movement.  A-1 pictures is putting out some great new anime, so expect another one from them on this list.

#8 Ben-to

This was the underdog series of this year.  At first I didn’t give Ben-to a shot, it has ridiculous plot about fighting over Ben-to boxes…  I figured the show would be a dumb fan-service heavy waste of time but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun.  The show had great over the top comedy and some quality action scenes.  I loved how the lead character Satou wasn’t useless.  That’s a nice change haha.  I bet a lot of people disagreed with this but I found the character Oshiroi hilarouse.  The online novel she was writing throughout the series based off of Satou was priceless.

#7 Un-go

Un-go is a very interesting show.  I may have to watch it again to understand everything from the last arc.  Un-go is a detective series animated by Studio Bones, and did what Bones other detective story this year, Gosick could not, which was keep my interest.  Gosick was boring and somewhat predictable to me and that’s why I dropped it.   Un-go was a mystery throughout; I found the post-war world and atmosphere to be very interesting.  The story was episodic throughout the first few episodes but then turned into a very interesting and confusing mindf*ck of a story. (that is the best I can describe it)  There were Gods and explosions and the last episode fight scene when Inga shows his true identity was AWESOME!  I loved the backgrounds of the series, which consisted of a city that has been ravaged by war and destruction.  Inga’s character design is also great in a series that has some rather uninteresting character designs.

Before I tell you what #6 I have something to say.  This is totally by chance and I didn’t do it on purpose.

#6 No. 6

Omg I actually enjoyed a Shounen-ai series…guy love.  Luckily it doesn’t get too much in the way of this series, animated by Bones.  No. 6 takes place in the “ideal” utopia, one of 6 cities left in the world.  I enjoyed the main characters Shion and Nezumi.  They are polar opposites; Shion being so innocent wile Nezumi is harsh and has been through a lot.  I love stories about false Utopias and No. 6 did this very well.  I can totally see the city of No. 6 turning into a 1984-like world.  I wish the fantastical elements at the end of the series were taken out though.  These include killer bees and some forest God.  Unfortunately No. 6 was rushed a bit, it could have used 1 more episode.

#5 Mawaru Penguin-Drum

Mawaru Penguin-Drum, is Kunihiko Ikuhara newest “crazy.”  This is Kunihiko Ikuhara the same man who made Revolutionary Girl Utena, considered a metaphorical masterpiece by many.  I haven’t seen much Utena but I have sure heard things about its representation.  I can’t even begin to explain this anime…its just crazy.  I really had no idea what was going on throughout the episodes but it was awesome.  I don’t know if Kunihiko is some type of genius or he did a lot of drugs before he worked on this anime.  There were 2 things about it that kept me coming back every week.  First the anime was so colorful which I loved it.  I wish I could live in their house with all of its wacky pastel colors.   Second there were so many plot twists it was great.  It seemed like every episode there was some crazy unpredictable thing that happened.  Brain’s Base animated this series and they are putting out some great anime lately, I have some high hopes for them.

#4 The World God Only Knows 2

The World God Only Knows is the only sequel to make its way onto this list and what a sequel this was.  Keima hates real-life so he immerses himself witinh gal-games, which are dating sims.  He is the best there is at them, there isn’t one he can’t conquer.  In the first series he by mistake signs a contract with a demon Elsie.  He now has to catch runaway sprits that hide inside girl’s hearts.  He has to make the girls fall in love with him so the sprits can get captured.  When I first watched this series I thought it would be complete crap, but it is hilarious.  Keima is a great lead man and he makes me laugh.  Both The World God Only Knows 1 and 2 have now been licensed in America and that gives me hope that a third anime will be on its way. Manglobe, the same people who did Samurai Champloo, animated the World God Only Knows 2.  If you liked the first series, you will like the second because it’s the same old fun.

#3 Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai or in English, We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day.

We are going to call this Ano Hana for short.  This is a touching story of childhood friends who have drifted apart.  One of their friends Menma had died when they were younger and her “ghost/spirit” is haunting the lead, Jinta.  The group of friends get back together to help her move on.  This was a touching story that will bring a tear to your eyes at the end.  Dealing with the death of a close friend is no easy matter and it still hurts the characters years later.  They have to deal with regret and sadness.  The story really brings out the best and worst in the characters.  On a other note Atsuma Matsuyuki is a messed up character, its worth watching the series just for him.  A-1 pictures also animated this anime; they are doing a great job as a studio.

#2 Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Damn, Madoka Magica is genius, what a show.  Studio shaft was at their best when they animated their first original series.  To any doubters about this show being of the magical girl genre you don’t have anything to doubt. This is one of the darkest and saddest shows I have ever seen.  The psychological and emotional effects on the poor characters were so sad.  What would you wish for if you were given one wish, and then you would have to spend the rest of your life being a magical girl until you eventually turn into a witch and go insane.  That is the theme that takes place throughout the series.  The animation was my favorite of the season.  There is only 1 world to describe and that’s trippy, especially the witch worlds.

What could be better then the amazing Madoka Magica and anime that would probably find its way onto my top 10 list of all time.  This anime is the one and only…

#1 Steins;Gate

I am not a huge sci-fi or I wasn’t until I saw this series.  Steins;Gate is animated by a very new studio White Fox who only have 2 other anime to their credit right now, Katanagatari and Tears to Tiara.  Stein;Gate is about a group of friends who customize their microwave into a devise that can send text messages to the past.  An organization named Sern get a hold of this information and they have to try as a group to not be captured by them.  The characters are great.   Okabe is one of the strongest leads I have seen in an anime.  He is very funny but he fights hard to save his friends.  Steins;Gate focuses on what happens when you change the past and the consequences related to this.  The show takes place in an alternate 2010 one year after the event of the lesser known Chaos;Head, a series I have yet to see.  The animation is very grey and dreary, its fits the story very well.  Steins;Gate was originally a visual novel and it is by far the best adaptation of a visual novel I have ever seen.

I hope you enjoyed.

Sincerely your Xana 🙂


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