Another ep 2 “Blueprint”

Posted: January 18, 2012 by Xana in Another (anime)

(pretty flowers)

So I had kinda foot surgery today and I may or may not be drugged up on Vicodin, so lets see how this review goes haha.  Today I will be reviewing episode 2 of Another which like the first episode had a very slow pace.


Class 3-3 is having art class and Mochizuki one of the students draws a very disturbing lemon.  He says the lemon is screaming at the world.   (It looks like a pumpkin to me)  The teacher lectures him saying that type of artwork is for the art club.  After class Koichi and Mochizuki start talking about panting when they see Misaki sitting alone in the library.  Koichi talks to her and the plot drags along.  Later one night Koichi visits the hospital from the first episode, and talks to a nurse.  He asks if any girl had died recently.  The nurse says she will call him if she finds anything out.  He is trying everything he can to find out information about Misaki.  The next day Koichi decides he going to be a creeper and follow Misaki after class around.  And guess what happens, nothing right?  Pretty much, he follows her into a Doll store.  Misaki and Koichi start talking and Misaki decides to show him what under her eye patch.  (Sweet something going to happen)  The episode ends before you see…  Thank You Another now I actually will have to watch next week’s episode.

(That in no way is a lemon)


What the hell is with all of the sophomore episodes of this season sucking and having no plot?  Nisemonogatari was disappointing, daily lives of high school boys was not funny, dumb space pirate show was stupid, and Brave 10 was nothing special…Episode 2 of Another was so boring.  I kept waiting for something to happen and it just didn’t.  Why is Koichi so obsessed with Misaki, every time she is spotted he drops what he is doing and runs to her.  He is her little puppy.  I’m going to list some things about this series.

We still don’t know if Misaki is dead or alive

Why does class 3-3 pretend she isn’t there, can they see her or is Koichi the only one

What is up with class 3-3 and why is it cursed

(even if the show turn out to suck, I will continue to watch it because of how pretty it is)

These are some questions that need to be answered.  The plot is getting dragged out too much and soon I’m not going to care.  Whenever one of these questions is about to be answered the show conveniently interrupts the plot.  Koichi just doesn’t seem to give a shit.  I wonder if he already knows all these answers to these questions and is some kind of crazy.  Koichi

Is a stalker?

Why did he hospital at night to question the nurse?

Why does he not seem to care about the curse of class 3-3, all he is interested is in Misaki.  We know at this point Koichi’s mother had something too do with class 3-3.  I wonder if,

  1. He is trying to find out what happened to his mother
  2. He wants revenge for his dead mother

I may just be over thinking this due to the fact there is a lack of plot.

I don’t understand the whole point of these creepy dolls.  I HATE DOLLS, THEY SCARE ME.  If they aren’t going to be part of the plot, please get rid of them.  Are they supposed to be scary because they are the scariest part of the show so far.  This anime needs to do one of the following fast or many people are going to drop this anime.


B Kill someone off

C At least answer the g**damn questions

(scary :(…)

My foot hurts so this review is over.  I am sorry that this episode sucked and that my review sucked.   I’m going to go back to watching extreme couponing, now that’s a show that has fast passing and is interesting.

I give this episode a dull 6/10 only because the animation is so pretty

Here is episode 2 so you don’t have to suffer through it



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