Inu X Boku SS episode 1 Review “The Dog And Me”

Posted: January 13, 2012 by Xana in Inu X Boku SS

I am going to make this one quick because I’ve been watching the anime No 6., for the first time and I want to try to finish tonight.  Its pretty interesting, I am on episode 8 and I would recommend it so far.  Today I will be reviewing Inu X Boku SS the brand new anime, animated by David Production.  You may have not heard of David Production because it’s fairly new.  It was founded by the former president Gonzo who probably quit do to the fact that Gonzo sucks.  Its not that Gonzo’s animes are bad, I really enjoyed Welcome to the NHK and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.  What Gonzo does wrong is that they have no budget for their shows causing their animation to be sloppy. David Production doesn’t seem to suffer from sloppy animation so far in its short history.  The only full anime I have seen was Ben-To, which was nicely animated, and a lot of fun. From what I have seen from episode 1 of Inu X Boku SS they even improve on their animation from Ben-To.  Lets jump into the plot.

(She is a Brat)

Ririchou Shirakin is a rich bratty high school girl who wants to be independent from her family.  She moves to room 4 of the Ayakashi Mansion, an apartment complex for the rich and very fortunate.  Ririchou starts bringing some of her boxes up to her room when one falls off of her trolley.  She is unable to pick it up on her own.  That’s when Soushi Miketsukami comes to her rescue and helps with the boxes.  He pretty much says that he is here to serve her and if she doesn’t want his help, she should kill him. His life has no meaning without her and blah blah blah.  He is an ss agent who is assigned to keep her safe.  That night some burglars break into the complex and try to rob Ririchou, but Soushi comes to her rescue.  He turns into a Kitsune also known as a fox spirit and disposes of the robber.

That was a very quick synopsis of the episode.  There a few more characters you meet throughout the episode.  Renshou can turn into an Ittan-momen demon and also has face tattoos.  An Ittan-momen is a roll of cotton, kinda weird…  He lives in room 3 of the apartment complex.  His ss agent is Nobara a Yuki-onna who is very stylish and perverted.  Karuta is an ss agent of someone else we haven’t met and can turn into a Gashadokuro, a large skeleton.

(The Gashadokuro, its scary and cool looking)

The episode was very slow and at this moment I am not 100% sure what Inu X Boku will be about in the future.  The story had very little plot to it and was a complete introduction of an episode.  You know very little about any of the characters or the world they live in.  The entirety of the episode takes place within the gates of this mysteries apartment complex so I am not sure at this point what this world has in store for the charectera. Do they shun or accept creatures like a Gashadokuro or a fox spirit.  The episode just gave me no information on the world and its frustrating because I really interested in a world full of Japanese spirits in this setting.

The characters have had no development so far.  Ririchou just seems like a brat while Soushi is pretty pathetic.  He is always crying and his seems like is one goal in life is to be Ririchou’s b****.  This supposed to be a shounen series or so I’ve heard but I’m not seeing it yet.  Maybe this will be like a girl version of Black Butler without the action, okay that doesn’t sounds like Black Butler at all.  I have nothing good to compare this with.  I just have no idea what it’s going to be about, I’m sorry.  Maybe this series is shounen do to its kind-of fan service caused by Ririchou.  I really hope she is of age because it’s kind of weird when the camera angel shifts to down her shirt.  Did I mention she look and has to body of a 12 year old…  Also you see her a couple of times in her underwear.  I don’t know, I just find it weird, she just looks so young.

(She looks 12…)

The character design is okay if not good.  I really like how Soushi looks with his to different random colored eyes.  Ririchou is very cute but looks really young.  What I did love was the character design of all of the characters when they turn into spirits/demons.  The coolest of all was the Gashadokuro, which looks like a giant scary skull with teeth.  The animation as I said earlier was strong.  There is not much  animation outside the apartment, but the animators still managed to have a few pretty shots of a cherry blossom tree.  The apartment complex has simple animation but it was never bad.  I really liked how the scene with the burglars takes place; it was the highlight of the episode.  I really liked when Soushi transformed into a fox.  There were some nice shadows and a great use of colors.

Well that’s my short review; The first episode of Inu X Boku SS didn’t leave me with much anyway.  I am going optimistic with this series and hope for the best.  It only 12 episodes so even if the series sucks I won’t have wasted too much time.  I hope the next episode will explain what type of spirit/demon Ririchou is, and give a better explanations of what type of world the series is et in.  Until next review.

Episode Rating an Optimistic 6/10

Thank you and sincerely your Xana.


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